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The Double "A" arm rear suspension has been designed as an optional rear suspension to suit the Piranha series II.

This new rear end fits into exactly the same position as the Piranha series II single arm rear suspension, all bar work remains the same.

The Double "A" Arm rear has the following advantages over the standard Piranha single arm rear suspension.

  • More control over full suspension Camber
  • Stronger design spreading loads over a larger area.
  • More resistance to acceleration torque reaction effects.
  • Increased droop available without going into positive camber.
  • More suspension travel.
  • Better resistance to frontal wheel forces from severe bumps.
  • Increased braking capacity.

The construction features common length "A" arms, all arms can be made out of one common jig. The suspension geometry features progressive negative camber which equals precise stability in severe offroad conditions.


Designed to suit the Piranha series II buggy, but also a valuable component for any home built offroad buggy.

The plans include detail 3D drawings of all the parts that need to be made, rear housing, uprights, driveshafts, drive hubs, wheel hubs, axles, chain adjusters, disc rotor, caliper mount, bushes, pivot pins & many detail assembly & exploded views.

Without doubt the most comprehensive detailed plans available.

NOTE: The Double "A" arm suspension plans cover the complete rear suspension only, not the chassis or other buggy parts.

If building a Piranha series II with this suspension both sets of plans are required.

Suspension design: Equal length Double 'A' arm independent to use coil over shocks, 285mm travel, (11").
Track: 1430mm (56.3") hub face to hub face.
Brakes: Large 280mm, (11”) diameter inboard rotor with twin piston motorcycle type caliper.
Ground Clearance: 280 to 300mm, (12")
Suitable engines: Designed to Suit chain drive type motorcycle engines up to 100hp.
Estimated cost to manufacture: $1,00.00 to $1,800.00, (depending on skill level & facilities available). All components can be manufactured to the comprehensive plans, or you can purchase the parts from The Edge Products..


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