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The ultimate go anywhere machine, all six wheels driven, skid steer, floats & swims in water, fully sealed & goes where you can't walk!!! Suitable motors ; 500cc - 1000cc bike.

The machine for the adventurous at heart. The go-anywhere vehicle that takes you to those hard to get to areas that used to take days of hard bush-walking to reach.

All six wheels are driven to give maximum traction in places even a four wheel drive won’t go. Not only is it six wheel drive but it is also amphibious. The Six Wheel Drive floats and swims across swamps, streams, dams and rivers.

A simple machine to build using a motorcycle Motor for power and a car Differential for splitting the Drive and Chains to all six wheels.

An ideal machine for exploring the outback, a practical work vehicle for the farm, for the keen fisherman or the adventurous prospector, The Six Wheel Drive will take you where you can’t walk.

Buying the raw materials, fabricating and welding the 6x6 parts yourself to the plans will cost approximately $3,000 to $3,500 Australian dollars minus motor depending on how much of the componentry you produce yourself.

Frame: Box section steel Chassis with single tubular Rollbar
Body: Plywood panels over Chassis structure, fibreglassed over to seal.
Steering: Skid steer with two levers operating right and left brakes
Transmission: Motorcycle Gearbox driving car Differential then Chain Drive to all six wheels.
Suspension: No suspension, relies on 2 ply ATV Tyres.
Brakes: Car Discs and Hydraulic Calipers, Disc on either side of Differential to control steering.
Wheels: Either 22x11x8 or 25x12x9 ATV Tyres & Rims.
Overall Length: 2700mm
Overall Width: 1440mm
Overall Height: 1100mm
Track: 1200mm
Wheelbase: 1480mm
Approx. Weight: 550kg
Ground Clearance: 150mm
Top Speed: 50kph
Acceleration: 0-50kph in 15 seconds

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