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ABOVE: A small selection of both Edge built and customer built buggies.

By choosing to build an "Edge Buggy", not only do you gain the benefit of over 20 years of buggy & sand rail building, research and design from Edge Products themselves. You also join a worldwide community of dedicated enthusiasts who have also chosen our proven designs.

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 - Suits Engines 600cc to 1400cc
 - 380-400kg (830lb)
 - Top Speed of up to 190kph/120mph
 - 0-100kph/60mph in 4.5 seconds

Awesome performance, long suspension travel brought together in a lean and agressive buggy you can build yourself.

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- Suits Engines 500cc to 750cc
- 375kg (827lb)
- Top Speed of up to 150kph/93mph
- 0-100kph/60mph in 5.5 seconds

Powered by 500-1000cc engines, this buggy is strong and durable. Simple but effective single 'A' arm suspension soak up the bumps with ease.

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Piranha Plans

The Piranha, designed for off-road performance handling, strength & durability without the size problems of a full size off-road dune buggy.